User Privacy Notice

『FOODWEAR』 is Oree Enterprise Co.,Ltd established.
(Hereinafter referred to as 『FOODWEAR』)

Due to ROC "Computer -Processed Personal Data Protection Law" and this Privacy Statement, 『FOODWEAR』have been strengthened associated protective measures for the collection and use of personal information of the consumer, and we reminds you here carefully to:
Do not publicly disclose your personal data on the Internet, because that information may be collected and used by others, in particular occasion to speak publicly on the Internet, such as chat rooms, message boards, you should avoid expressing personal identity, password, e-mail and related personal data.

Collection and use of personal data

• When you browse the 『FOODWEAR』, it will not take the initiative to ask for personal information.
• When the user wants to complete the shopping process, subscribe to newsletters, or participate in
other activities,『FOODWEAR』will require users to log personal information in order to complete
the transaction with the relevant member services.

• Newsletters simply provide Email account, if the user would like to cancel your subscription, the user can log in 『FOODWEAR』 website to unsubscribe at any time.
• (0B design originals store) and its related sites which obtain personal information, are only『FOODWEAR』 carefully selected flagship stores in accordance with the purpose and scope of internal original description.
• Unless prior statement or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of Taiwan, 『FOODWEAR』will not provide the user's personal information to third parties, or used for other purposes.
•『FOODWEAR』will automatically record the relevant information in the site's users browsing activities,but these data only as a traffic analysis and network behavior surveys in order to improve quality service website.

User Data

In order to protect the interests of our members, for the first time to visit this site to consume, as long as the con- firmed transaction is completed, it will automatically be upgraded to members.
In the registration process, you can set of e-mail and password. Via the account, you can follow the website instruc- tions to use the Member Services.
Please keep your Member ID and password, do not provide the above information to anyone. After use, log out of your account.
If you share a computer with someone else or use a public computer, please remember to close your browser in order to prevent others from gaining access to such information or to see your account approach.

Amendments Privacy Policy

•『FOODWEAR』reserves the right to change the content of this statement. We will declare the same location of announcement to change without notice members individually.
• If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us directly.


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