Dine Out, Do Good: The Rise in Charitable Restaurants

Anyone who dines out regularly knows the dread-inducing spiel—usually about small plates and sharing—that follows a server asking: “Have you dined with us before?”

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The problem with food tourism: the chefs fighting to keep their restaurants special

Clamour for tables is all very well, but for some restaurateurs, the acclaim that comes with a Michelin star or TV fame can be bewildering and disruptive

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Just Salad Doubles Down On Sustainability

Chief sustainability officer positions started showing up at a few large U.S. companies about 10 years ago. In the restaurant sector, companies that have added the role include McDonald’s and Yum! Brands.

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Why Daniel Patterson Is Going All In on Alta

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As always, there’s a lot on Daniel Patterson’s mind. Recent weeks have found him spending time at Alfred’s, his classic San Francisco steakhouse, which just reopened after a two-month closure because of a basement fire. Then there’s Locol, his fast-food brand with Roy Choi, which has seen its share of headlines in the past few months following the closure of its Oakland location. He has an eagerly awaited new cookbook about to hit shelves. In the kitchen at Coi, the tasting-menu restaurant that put Patterson’s name on the map, chef Matthew Kirkley now runs the show, with little interference.


After You Finish Your Drink, You Can Eat This New Edible Straw

One hundred and fifty years ago, if you drank a mint julep with a straw, it was an actual straw, made of ryegrass. Then came the paper straw–to solve the problem that ryegrass tended to become mushy and ruin a drink–and finally, by the 1960s, a plastic straw, a product that Americans now use half a billion of a day.

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How Ikea Plans To Cut Its Food Waste In Half

It’s after typical lunch hours–2:30 on a Tuesday afternoon–but the line at Ikea’s restaurant in Emeryville, California, stretches to the entrance of the cafe. On a weekday, the restaurant usually serves around 1,200 customers, requiring steady production of Swedish meatballs and salmon fillets. But it’s a careful balance: It’s also possible to easily make too much food and have to throw it away.

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The oily charms of West African cuisine

My egusi entree at Bukom Cafe does not exactly activate the salivary glands. The pieces of stewed, bone-in goat meat are slathered with a thick paste built from West African melon seeds called egusi. The seeds give the dish its name and its slightly nutty flavor, sort of a cross between peanut and sesame seed. Truth be told, though, the dish’s dominant flavor is palm oil, which covers my plate like a petroleum slick on the ocean’s surface, seizing all manner of organic matter in its clutches.

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Discussion on the Use of Edible Gold Foil

 With Meals Made Of Gold, Chefs Certainly Know How To Feed The Ego

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, Japan, Southeast Asia, the prevalence of edible gold foil, gold foil feast, gold foil wine, gold foil water, gold foil candy, gold pastry became the market's high-grade popular goods.
The World Health Organization Codex Committee on Food Additives officially listed gold in the food additive category in 1983, and in the eyes of Chinese medicine practitioners, "eating gold" is not surprising, because ancient Chinese medicine has gold foil as a medicine.
How to add gold foil, how to eat? how is the taste?


Health Conscious Food


Sustainable development is the topic of global concern today,
How to make our beautiful earth, to meet our needs, without prejudice to the rights and needs of future generations,
Plankton is an interesting direction and thought to share with everyone.

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